27 Jan 2009

Creating a collection manager with Elixir in January issue of Python Magazine

Posted by ged

After being in the pipeline for a while, my article about Elixir was published in the January issue of Python Magazine. To my surprise, it even made the cover. Maybe, the editors meant it as a little present for my birthday (which is today), who knows… ;-)

January 2009 issue of Python Magazine

Within the article, I build a simple collection manager using Elixir, SQLAlchemy, CherryPy and Genshi. This is the first time I write an article for a technical magazine, and I would really love to hear what people think about it.

Update: As I have been given access to the PDF version of the issue, I noticed the "Useful/Related Links" of my article are not the ones I put there (and are completely unrelated — I wonder where they come from?). For what it’s worth here are the links that should have been included:

Now I understand why there was not any hit on the page holding the application source code…

Update: The version they distribute now has been corrected.

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